England Furniture Reviews from Wisconsin

America loves England Furniture!  Check out these England Furniture Reviews!

“During a recent sweepstakes, we asked our fans on Facebook what they loved about England Furniture, and here are the responses!“

Here are some England Furniture reviews from our customers living in Wisconsin:











England Furniture is…

“beautiful and durable.” Jean B. (Mt. Pleasant, WI)

“great quality!” Mary S. (Colgate, WI)

“the epitome of elegance” Shirley G. (Neenah, WI)

“Beautiful Furniture” Jack P. (Twin Lake, WI)

“super classy!” Steven W. (Brookfield, WI)


England Furniture has…

“Classic gorgeous pieces!” Shawn H. (Kenosha, WI)

“Excellent construction, fashionable styles.” Jacob. T. (Madison, WI)

“Quality Furniture” Brenda H. (Menomonee Falls,. WI)

“classic style and comfort” Thomas E. (Twin Lakes, WI)


“Chic meets classic, meets country, meets sophisticated…it’s the best furniture, it covers all styles!” Jamie S. (Evansville, WI)

“We had an England couch and loveseat for years, it was comfortable and held up well for years.” Geralyn J. (Grafton, WI)


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